Importance Of Vastu Shastra

Our homes play a significant role in our lives. It is believed that our residence brings peace and prosperity into our lives. That’s where Vastu Shastra comes into the picture.

According to Hindu mythology, Vaastu shastra is the branch of architecture that represents the material and spiritual parts of building a home. Team GharEka will go the extra mile to build vastu compliant homes with auspiciousness and positive energy.

The Vastu application at the beginning stage of any construction is vital for the smooth completion of the project. Many factors should be noted, from start to finish, during the construction of the building, in which Vastu plays a significant role.

Let’s discuss some Vastu Shastra tips you and your home construction company should keep in mind before building the house.

  • Levels & Roofing: Be it ground level or roof slanting, the floor inclination and water flow should always be from South to North or West to East as it brings more positive energy.
  • Height: Height correlates with weight. Keeping the South or West sides higher than the North or East is auspicious. You can also maintain the height equal in all directions.

1. Laying Foundation

The first construction work should begin from the southwest corner of the plot. Afterwards, the construction should be done consecutively in the North-west, South-east, and North-east directions. Following these directions of workflow brings a positive wind of energy.

2. Entrance

According to Vastu for house construction, the house entrance should always face the east side as the sun rises from the east. It brings positive energy into the home and keeps away negative energies. North-facing plots should have North and North-East facing entrances.

For South or West facing plots, the entry can be in the South or South-East direction. The entrance should be in the West or North-West direction for the West facing plots.

3. Water Sources

Keep these following pointers in mind while setting up your water sump:

  • Over-head Tank: Always keep heavy things in the South/West/South-west region; this goes for over-head tanks too
  • Borewell/ Reservoir: The best direction to keep the under-head tank is the North-west. to bring new opportunities in life.

4. Staircase

Vastu for home construction suggests that it is auspicious to place the staircase in the southwest region.

5. Compound Wall

The Compound wall is the boundary of the building. Therefore as per building Vastu, the compound wall should be constructed before any other part of the house to have a sense of security. Note to keep the South and Western part of the wall a bit thicker and taller to prevent the afternoon & the setting sun rays. On the contrary, try to keep the walls on the North and East side lighter to allow sun rays to penetrate and obtain Vitamin D, which is good for health.

6. Open Space for the Building

Carefully notice the area around the plot and what should be done:

  • Always keep more open space in the East and North or North-east compared to the West and South directions of the complex.
  • This open space can be used to construct a garden, lawns, etc.
  • The balcony should always face towards the north, east, and northeast.

While several other factors should be kept in mind when constructing your dream home, Vastu Shastra should also be considered, as it is an essential factor in Indian Households.

At GharEka, we understand our customers’ needs and aspirations. Therefore, we make every effort to ensure their expectations are met. Before even the construction starts, we arrange meetings with our clients to discuss the construction plan. After getting the client’s approval, we begin the building process. Customers can also track the site’s progress on our GharEka Mobile Application.

Backed by Shyam Steel, GharEka is a trusted home construction company headquarter in Kolkata, and we strive to achieve 100% client satisfaction.

Build a Vastu and Quality approved Home with GharEka!

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