Corner Window Design Ideas

Can you even imagine a room without windows? No, right? However, with the growing necessity of living adobe and the shortage of enough available spaces, contemporary architectural ideas have come up with an innovation, Corner Window Design.

As evident from the name itself, these windows are placed at the intersecting wall corners of the room. For a better understanding, let us break down the concept for you.

What is a Corner Window?

In modern house design, windows are placed at the intersection of two walls, adding an aesthetic focal point that compliments the practical house design. Builders are growingly incorporating such designs to maximize natural lighting, provide a panoramic view, and establish an indoor and outdoor connection. Such designs allow a variety of variations ranging from floor-to-ceiling sleek design, or a geometrically placed window panel.

The modern corner window design allows the differentiation of indoor and outdoor spaces while ensuring there is a sense of continuity. It creates the illusion of an expansive room, in contrast with the smaller windows that often restrict the scenic view. For bedrooms and offices small, compact corner windows can be placed to make the space cozy and comfortable.

Corner Windows- Pros

· Abundant light: Corner Windows allow sunlight in abundance since it is more open. These create airy and spacious interiors which have a positive impact on the health and well-being of individuals.

· Panoramic Views: Corner Windows provide a broader view of the surroundings, giving a sense of better connection with the outdoor environment. The wider view also creates a sense of openness and serenity.

· Architectural Appeal: Corner Window is a modern architectural development. Placing these types of windows enhances the modernity in a room while creating a striking point of focus for an individual entering the room.

· Ventilation and Breeze: These windows cover two directions at a time, which is the best way to promote cross-ventilation in a room. Corner Windows facilitate better indoor air quality.

Corner Windows- Cons

· Privacy Concerns: Corner windows might raise concerns in areas with dense populations. However, this problem can be easily solved with the help of curtains.

· Heat Gain and Loss: The large window panels might cause trouble in keeping the room at a perfect temperature. Cross-ventilation might lead to cool rooms in Winter and extreme heat during summer afternoons.

· Structural Considerations: Installing a cross window in a room should be strategic. It depends on the interior and needs to be customized, which is a costly process.

Uses of Corner Windows

· Living Spaces and bedrooms: Living rooms and dining spaces offer a great place for corner windows. These areas are usually kept spacious and airy to make a house look bigger than usual. This is the place where we spend most of our time shuffling television channels or entertaining guests. Placing compact corner windows in the bedroom ensures proper ventilation during the day.

· Offices: Offices occupy a lot of people sitting in their chairs throughout the day. Using corner chairs in offices provides a touch of the environment with the tech-busy room.

· Architectural Statements: Corner windows add a touch of architectural sophistication and make them different from the conventionally built houses.

 Corner Window Design in India has a potential growth market. They provide a versatile and striking difference in a room.

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