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Building a house of your own is a once in a lifetime job, as it requires large investments, time and resources. While the process of building a house involves a series of steps and activities, it can also be complex and time-consuming, involving various professionals, such as architects, engineers, and construction managers. Additionally, it requires coordination and management of different construction phases such as site preparation, interiors, inspection, etc. 

We understand this sounds too hectic. And that’s why we are here to make the construction process of building a house SIMPLE for you. 

Your end-to-end partner for building a perfect home, GharEka, provides services including planning, budgeting, designing and building the house. By offering reasonable prices for your services while still retaining a high standard of quality, our expert team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing quality work within the set deadline.

 Give your Dream Home The GharEka Touch

Still, wondering why GharEka is perfect for you?

Keep Reading to know why your future home needs The GharEka Touch.


GharEka is a house construction initiative by Shyam Steel Group. With the trust of millions of people to build their homes, Shyam Steel Group has built a legacy of almost 7 decades. Backed by one of India’s leading industrial houses, GharEka makes sure that our services uphold the quality and excellence of Shyam Steel Group.


We believe that best-in-class service can also come at a pocket-friendly budget. Therefore we offer affordable prices while maintaining a high-quality standard that helps us stand out in a crowded market. Our experts will help you arrive at a reasonable budget for your dream project. After that, they also assist you in choosing from our different packages or customising your own package to meet your specific requirements.

App Based Tracking

During the construction process, the customers frequently want to visit the site to stay updated, which can cause quite harassment. The GharEka team has made this process easier for our customers. We have launched a customer mobile application that will give real-time updates on every house construction step. Thus, you can track the progress of your home effortlessly. 

Accurate Timeline

The process of building a house is time-taking. Keeping that in mind, at Gharka, we focus on finishing the construction within the promised timeline. In the beginning, a detailed schedule of the building process is set in discussion with the client. Our expert home builders ensure that there are no significant delays in the plan and that the work progress is quick for on-time project delivery.

Superior Quality

Building homes to a high standard of craftsmanship is what sets GharEka apart. Using modern technology and best building practices, we give your dream home an edge and make the construction process more efficient and smooth. At GharEka, we pledge to deliver the promised results. Therefore, we do 100+ quality checks by our except team of architects, contractors, and engineers to provide exceptional quality work.


There is no place like home. We want to design timeless homes that bring joy and peace to your lives. Therefore, we believe in delivering VALUE.

A Shyam Steel Group home construction venture, GharEka is among the top construction companies in India. With an ambition to simplify the journey to your dream house, the GharEka team ensures that we take decisions in the best interest of our customers, maintain 100% transparency and provide the best quality of work to make sure your clients are satisfied.

Brick by Brick, with GharEka. 

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